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Become part of our nationwide referral database of Sub-Hub contractors, subs, and suppliers. This directory service helps keep your profile accurate so that Sub-Hub and our participating local repro shops can keep bids coming your way. Even if Sub-Hub isn't in your area yet, you can still sign up — absolutely FREE — and stay informed, up-to-date and ready to receive your first bid notification when Sub-Hub comes to town!

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How Sub-Hub Works

  1. Add your company and contact information using the "sign-up" form.
  2. Sub-Hub records what you do, what kind of jobs you want, and where you work.
  3. When public agencies release bid notifications in your market, Sub-Hub matches your profile with the needs of the job, and you hear about it via email or fax
  4. If GC's, project managers, or construction companies want bidders, participating Sub-Hub repro shops can tell about you so you make the bid list.
Sub-Hub process diagram